Love me ….with Love

Define love

In your own words

Tell me, how will you touch me…

When you fall in love?

Will I sink in your passion

’till I lose my breath?

Will you blindfold my eyes

To preserve my faith?

Will you handcuff my freedom

And then shut it off?

Baby, love me with wisdom

Love me… with Love.

I repaired my inner,

Fragile wings

Tell me, will they get crumbled

By your ‘loving’ strings?

Will you enter my Kingdom

Like an Earthquake shakes grounds?

Baby, love me with wisdom…

Love me … with Love


Will your jealousy  scare me

To prove you’re the Man?

Will you step on my tears

Without giving a damn?


Promise me that you won’t do any of the above…

And forever I will be…

Your lady,

with Love


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