I’m letting go

Long story short:

8 years ago. Summer romance. He came from a distant country and  had a round trip ticket. You know, what comes around, goes around. Sex was good. Too good to be true.  Maybe because it was short.  Or maybe because it was the first. One may think that one night stand, one summer romance  or one season love story should not leave us heart-broken.  Those strings attached…. should not be there tangled around our feet and make us stumble on our way to true, stable, long lasting relationships.

I’m grown now…   it’s time to stand up and walk out of my history.

I’ll never know if your love was true

If those butterflies have ever hunted you, too

They settled in my heart

Arousing the old feelings, left by you

Last  drops of the summer caught  you on the plane

You gave me the sweetest goodbye

I watched you fade into the clouds behind the rain

And sank in tears that I cried

Now, after years, the man who loves me most

Rests on my chest and falls asleep beside me

He’s so in love, completely unaware

Of all the grief that’s rottening inside me

Those wounds that hurt and  never healed

Those scars so deep and hard to hide

My hopes of love that you have killed

And yet, that never truly died

I’m letting go of memories I chased

And building bridges where there were none

Remorseful that I shut the doors into the face

Of the only  man who ever keeps me strong

Good bye, my love, I’m packing all strenght

To walk through life, just like  a graceful  missy

And wrapped  with ribbons of his  love

I’ll love him back, as if  there’s nothing missing.



  1. u can never hide from your first love, simply because it was the first, so true and so deep.

  2. alex Said:

    ehhh, anume ca acele one night stand, cu totu ce ar fi putut fi si magia din timpul scurt, te poate lasa cel mai broken hearted:(

  3. mblowblog Said:

    mda…. shi mai e greu sa uiti acele iubiri carora nu ai reusit sa le dai prima papucii 😉

  4. alex Said:

    pt mine e greu sa uiti persoanele carora le-ai dat papucii. cele ca ti le-au dat. le depasesti cumva

  5. Love is a joke HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAH. will never fall. Always rise in love

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