Once a cheater, always a cheater…

I LOVE my boyfriend,  and

I LOVE to make LOVE to other people.

In the end, it’s all about LOVE (and sex).

I just have too much LOVE, need to give some away 🙂

However, I almost got caught, recently.

So, I ended my sex/loving affair with this letter:

You and I, to others

Are just horrible lovers

But together, we make

Something no one can break

Find my G spot

Uh, it’s getting hot

Come melt my heart

Before we get caught.

I told my boyfriend I’m alone

You told your girl you lost your phone

But, one mistake can lead to drama

Biten in the ass by Karma

Love goes to hell

Oh, well

You just held her hips

He just kissed my lips

No, we don’t want to cheat

We just cannot commit

To a love in a cage

Reading the same page

Get your hand in  my pants…


We are still friends


I told my boyfriend you are gay

Your girl thinks I’ve lost my brains

But one mistake can  lead to drama

Biten in the ass my Karma

Love goes to hell

Oh, well..

You know what?

Just meet me in the Dreamland, baby

There love affairs are aloud.

Tired and exhausted from all this running

We’ll rest our heads on the clouds.



  1. calatoarea Said:

    Loved it!!!

  2. People are polygamous

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