Penis stories of different sizes. NO. Different sizes penis stories. NO. Stories about penises. Different sizes.

This title will never sound right. Because you guys worry too much about the size of your trophies 🙂

Story #1

I had an incredible sex with a small penis. Errrr, I mean with a guy who had a small penis.

Erin was making me laugh a lot. With every single word he was saying he was making me feel sensual and sexy.

He had so much charm and so much charisma, he could make me cum with just his penis touching my pussy. When we started kissing, he made sure he put my hand into his pants so that I get an idea of how small he was. Then he looked into my eyes and said, ‘He is not big, but he likes you a lot.’

I took operation “Small” into my hands and jumped on top of him. He was already hard and handsome. It felt like masturbating with my own finger, teasing the “entry” until the “interior”  explodes waiting.  Even better,  his penis was thicker than my finger. He was standing inside of me – straight, like a novice soldier, listening to my every command and ready to serve his duty till the end. We climaxed at the same time. We both realized our sizes don’t make a pretty picture. But, given the chance, I would take his penis the size of a brush and  repaint  it over and over.

Story # 2

“Women always ask questions about their appearance ‘Am I pretty? Am I fat?’, and men never do” he said watching me dress to leave.

“Jake, if I hear this phrase one more time, I will take a last look at your penis and be honest, ‘Yes, it is  small!’  “, I yelled.

It was a very bad sex, because he was  a good liar. After realizing that I realized that he was realizing that I will eventually realize that he has a small penis, he decided to pop a question that will make him look even smaller in my eyes, “Do you think he is not big enough?”.

Yes,  sex with him was bad. Because of 3 inches of the penis missing? Nope. Because of the fact that before sex, his behaved like a big-ass penis — confident and cocky? Yes!

Did I sleep with him because I thought he had a big penis? Yes!

Because there was nothing else there he put on display.

Story # 3

Right before leaving the dancing club, he grabbed me by the arm, undressed me off my coat without words and asked me to dance.

“You must be very desperate” I told him. He said, ” Nope, but I saved the last dance for you”.

“Lame. Did you just look up ” I laughed.

He looked like the world has just crushed on him. He let go of my hand, nodded as in “fair well”, looked down and turned around.

“Damn”, I thought, “Why is that every time I try to joke, I come across as a bitch?”

I dropped my coat on the floor and followed him, “Oh, come on, don’t be a baby. Let’s dance”.

He was one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. Smooth, gentle, knew when to lead and when to let go. We danced, we laughed, we talked. In a few hours I gave him a ride and we ended up in his apartment.

Sex was the last thing on my mind. He was not sex-appealing.  He was too shy for me. No confidence at all.

He said, “Thank you for the ride”.

I said “Good bye”.

He said, ” Wait!” and dropped his pants down.

A gorgeous, large and long penis was staring right at me.

I rolled my eyes,  “Yes, when you took my coat off in the club, I knew you are a show-off. Put that thing inside your pants!”

He turned red and said, “OK”.

I stormed out the door.

I started my car and drove away talking to myself, “Pffft, really?! Just because you have a long, big penis, it doesn’t mean I’ll drop my panties, too, and sleep with you! That big… thick penis, I mean… anyone would want it, yeah, but who do you think I am?!”.

I made an illegal u-turn, broke into his apartment and found him where I left him, with his penis exposed.

He said, “Hello”.

“You are such a jerk” I said.

I almost orgasmed before he entered inside of me. While taking off my bra and kissing, I was imagining how orgasmic must a big penis feel inside of me.

However, once he slid in, I was afraid he is going to fuck my brains out.  Even tho he was taking it easy, I could not help but thinking, “OK, what are the positions in which usually  penetration feels less good?”

“Let’s do the missionary.”  I  whispered.

P.S. How many times have you been asked, “What size would you like your steak to be?” and you said “It doesn’t matter.”?

Or, how many times you bought a shirt thinking size doesn’t matter?

So, don’t ask me if size matters. Ask me what to do if you’re small. But if you’re big or small, or medium…. make sure you still use your bigger            head…

You HAVE a penis. We don’t. Be proud of it.



  1. ceziceu Said:

    oh no, i’m afraid of big penises, they hurt me. but my last dissapointment was a normal dick not strong enough to enter 😦

  2. mblowblog Said:

    W, cand spui large and long penis…ce vrei sa spui, de fapt? parametri tehnici va rog :))))

  3. Calatoarea Said:

    I refused to make sex to a guy when I felt how small his penis was. I just couldn’t think about it. It wasn’t appealing at all to me.
    I had sex with a guy with a huge penis. Even if i’m not the most experimented girl, I still know when a guy’s penis is too big. It was big, hard, handsome.. but it hurt 😦

  4. bj Said:

    yeah, totally agree, big penises hurt…

  5. guys should definetely read this post
    I want the myth of the big penis over!!

  6. xMan Said:

    I know, a big penis can hurt.. I have problems with my gf because of that! And I Really, really want a smaller penis, even a lil bit smaller.

  7. terry Said:

    i hve a 11 inch thick uncut black dick . so many gals r afraid of it. its so thick & long i get scared wwn i want enter a gals pussy.
    Last week a gal screamed wen she unzipped my pants. she jus rubbed alil & i came all ovver hher face & big tits.wil i eva get some1 who will lav me with my 11 inch black dick. even older women r scared and say my dick is not 4 my age. ladys talk 2 me.. wat do i do

  8. Kfresh Said:

    I av had sex with guys with cock size 12 -4 inches nd i loved sex with d 4 inches guy,he made me cum 10 times wit his dick nd i rily want 2 fuck d guy again

  9. Kfresh Said:

    I av had sex with guys with cock size 12 -4 inches nd i loved sex with d 4 inches guy,he made me cum 10 times wit his dick nd i rily want 2 fuck d guy again.he masaged me and i passed out.d nxt day he had made breakfast 4 me and left me a note on d table nd vanished

  10. Jester Said:

    Hope the author sees this comment, i know its an old article.

    Ok; so, in your experience on a ‘technical’ level what works and what doesnt work with a small dick? Especially in terms of positions, thrust (i’ve heard horror stories of guys slipping out and unable to keep a rythem) and the like?

  11. It’s not about the size of the boat but it’s motion in the ocean

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