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Once a cheater, always a cheater…

I LOVE my boyfriend,  and

I LOVE to make LOVE to other people.

In the end, it’s all about LOVE (and sex).

I just have too much LOVE, need to give some away 🙂

However, I almost got caught, recently.

So, I ended my sex/loving affair with this letter:

You and I, to others

Are just horrible lovers

But together, we make

Something no one can break

Find my G spot

Uh, it’s getting hot

Come melt my heart

Before we get caught.

I told my boyfriend I’m alone

You told your girl you lost your phone

But, one mistake can lead to drama

Biten in the ass by Karma

Love goes to hell

Oh, well

You just held her hips

He just kissed my lips

No, we don’t want to cheat

We just cannot commit

To a love in a cage

Reading the same page

Get your hand in  my pants…


We are still friends


I told my boyfriend you are gay

Your girl thinks I’ve lost my brains

But one mistake can  lead to drama

Biten in the ass my Karma

Love goes to hell

Oh, well..

You know what?

Just meet me in the Dreamland, baby

There love affairs are aloud.

Tired and exhausted from all this running

We’ll rest our heads on the clouds.


Penis stories of different sizes. NO. Different sizes penis stories. NO. Stories about penises. Different sizes.

This title will never sound right. Because you guys worry too much about the size of your trophies 🙂

Story #1

I had an incredible sex with a small penis. Errrr, I mean with a guy who had a small penis.

Erin was making me laugh a lot. With every single word he was saying he was making me feel sensual and sexy.

He had so much charm and so much charisma, he could make me cum with just his penis touching my pussy. When we started kissing, he made sure he put my hand into his pants so that I get an idea of how small he was. Then he looked into my eyes and said, ‘He is not big, but he likes you a lot.’

I took operation “Small” into my hands and jumped on top of him. He was already hard and handsome. It felt like masturbating with my own finger, teasing the “entry” until the “interior”  explodes waiting.  Even better,  his penis was thicker than my finger. He was standing inside of me – straight, like a novice soldier, listening to my every command and ready to serve his duty till the end. We climaxed at the same time. We both realized our sizes don’t make a pretty picture. But, given the chance, I would take his penis the size of a brush and  repaint  it over and over.

Story # 2

“Women always ask questions about their appearance ‘Am I pretty? Am I fat?’, and men never do” he said watching me dress to leave.

“Jake, if I hear this phrase one more time, I will take a last look at your penis and be honest, ‘Yes, it is  small!’  “, I yelled.

It was a very bad sex, because he was  a good liar. After realizing that I realized that he was realizing that I will eventually realize that he has a small penis, he decided to pop a question that will make him look even smaller in my eyes, “Do you think he is not big enough?”.

Yes,  sex with him was bad. Because of 3 inches of the penis missing? Nope. Because of the fact that before sex, his behaved like a big-ass penis — confident and cocky? Yes!

Did I sleep with him because I thought he had a big penis? Yes!

Because there was nothing else there he put on display.

Story # 3

Right before leaving the dancing club, he grabbed me by the arm, undressed me off my coat without words and asked me to dance.

“You must be very desperate” I told him. He said, ” Nope, but I saved the last dance for you”.

“Lame. Did you just look up ” I laughed.

He looked like the world has just crushed on him. He let go of my hand, nodded as in “fair well”, looked down and turned around.

“Damn”, I thought, “Why is that every time I try to joke, I come across as a bitch?”

I dropped my coat on the floor and followed him, “Oh, come on, don’t be a baby. Let’s dance”.

He was one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. Smooth, gentle, knew when to lead and when to let go. We danced, we laughed, we talked. In a few hours I gave him a ride and we ended up in his apartment.

Sex was the last thing on my mind. He was not sex-appealing.  He was too shy for me. No confidence at all.

He said, “Thank you for the ride”.

I said “Good bye”.

He said, ” Wait!” and dropped his pants down.

A gorgeous, large and long penis was staring right at me.

I rolled my eyes,  “Yes, when you took my coat off in the club, I knew you are a show-off. Put that thing inside your pants!”

He turned red and said, “OK”.

I stormed out the door.

I started my car and drove away talking to myself, “Pffft, really?! Just because you have a long, big penis, it doesn’t mean I’ll drop my panties, too, and sleep with you! That big… thick penis, I mean… anyone would want it, yeah, but who do you think I am?!”.

I made an illegal u-turn, broke into his apartment and found him where I left him, with his penis exposed.

He said, “Hello”.

“You are such a jerk” I said.

I almost orgasmed before he entered inside of me. While taking off my bra and kissing, I was imagining how orgasmic must a big penis feel inside of me.

However, once he slid in, I was afraid he is going to fuck my brains out.  Even tho he was taking it easy, I could not help but thinking, “OK, what are the positions in which usually  penetration feels less good?”

“Let’s do the missionary.”  I  whispered.

P.S. How many times have you been asked, “What size would you like your steak to be?” and you said “It doesn’t matter.”?

Or, how many times you bought a shirt thinking size doesn’t matter?

So, don’t ask me if size matters. Ask me what to do if you’re small. But if you’re big or small, or medium…. make sure you still use your bigger            head…

You HAVE a penis. We don’t. Be proud of it.

I’m letting go

Long story short:

8 years ago. Summer romance. He came from a distant country and  had a round trip ticket. You know, what comes around, goes around. Sex was good. Too good to be true.  Maybe because it was short.  Or maybe because it was the first. One may think that one night stand, one summer romance  or one season love story should not leave us heart-broken.  Those strings attached…. should not be there tangled around our feet and make us stumble on our way to true, stable, long lasting relationships.

I’m grown now…   it’s time to stand up and walk out of my history.

I’ll never know if your love was true

If those butterflies have ever hunted you, too

They settled in my heart

Arousing the old feelings, left by you

Last  drops of the summer caught  you on the plane

You gave me the sweetest goodbye

I watched you fade into the clouds behind the rain

And sank in tears that I cried

Now, after years, the man who loves me most

Rests on my chest and falls asleep beside me

He’s so in love, completely unaware

Of all the grief that’s rottening inside me

Those wounds that hurt and  never healed

Those scars so deep and hard to hide

My hopes of love that you have killed

And yet, that never truly died

I’m letting go of memories I chased

And building bridges where there were none

Remorseful that I shut the doors into the face

Of the only  man who ever keeps me strong

Good bye, my love, I’m packing all strenght

To walk through life, just like  a graceful  missy

And wrapped  with ribbons of his  love

I’ll love him back, as if  there’s nothing missing.


Love and tears

That’s our story

We kiss before we break up


No,  I didn’t

Forget the sweetest part

You know what I’m talking about…


We keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin,

In the backyard in the grass

We keep rollin’, and never worrying

If tomorrow ever comes


Fights are melting

In hot kisses

The world is perfect when we’re naked


And so desperate

When we’re mising

Making love right after we make it…


We keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

Sliding between silky sheets

We keep rolling and never worrying

If this lust is all we need…



Love me ….with Love

Define love

In your own words

Tell me, how will you touch me…

When you fall in love?

Will I sink in your passion

’till I lose my breath?

Will you blindfold my eyes

To preserve my faith?

Will you handcuff my freedom

And then shut it off?

Baby, love me with wisdom

Love me… with Love.

I repaired my inner,

Fragile wings

Tell me, will they get crumbled

By your ‘loving’ strings?

Will you enter my Kingdom

Like an Earthquake shakes grounds?

Baby, love me with wisdom…

Love me … with Love


Will your jealousy  scare me

To prove you’re the Man?

Will you step on my tears

Without giving a damn?


Promise me that you won’t do any of the above…

And forever I will be…

Your lady,

with Love


In sex, routine is the biggest turn-off! R-o-u-t-i-n-e.
It stands for: Rigid, outdated, upsetting, identical, tiring, irritable, nagging experience!

Knowing how it starts and what’s coming next is just as boring as listening to a stupid GPS that has only one route:
“After 16 yards turn left onto Arousal street, after 2 miles increase the speed into Pleasant boulevard, when you pass the round-about on Vagina avenue, take the 2nd exit, at the next intersection make a U-turn onto Doggy drive…. You’ve reached your destination at 15 Cummings street!” .

One night, sweated and tired… and almost screamed: “Hallelujah, thank you Lord, I thought he’ll never cumm! ” How about me? Did I have an orgasm? Nope, but who cares? He got stuck in traffic somewhere between “Banging” avenue and “Blind” boulevard… he never saw that I was on “Dry” street. He ran out of gas right on Cumming street. How convenient! My tank was still full, but I never wished for a flat tire as desperate as I did that night. It is the worse nightmare, when your pussy still wants an orgasm, the wings are getting tired and the wind blows constantly in the same direction.

Don’t get me wrong! I like it when the sexual menu is long, thick and satisfying.. Especially I like it when food is served with “dirty words”.

Todays’s special: Big dick, deep dish, and aggressive moves. Price: 3 dirty words/minute. YUM!

To spice things up, one night while having sex in the Doggy position, I said: “Babe, fuck me hard! Get that fucking dick and stick it in my juicy pussy”
He said: “Ok, boo!”
I said: “Come on mister, let that monster invade me, grab my hair!”
He said: “I’m trying, babe”
I was like: “Oh, maaan, I love it when you fuck me so hard! Do you like it, when your naughty fucker is banging my pussy in and out?” Silence. “Huh? “
He replied: “Yes, boo, it’s good.”
I said: “Say it, sugar, say you want to fuck my brains out, say you want to punish me for being a bad girl!”
He said: “Babe, I like how it feels, I love you, boo….”

First of all, I enjoy it when we call each other “boo”. It’s sweet. I hear “boo”, I think “my boyfriend”. But, I don’t want to hear it in bed…
Let alone “I love you”.
If I didn’t love this man, I’d slip out of the Doggy Style and sit on his boner and say: “Look at me. Say PUSSY”. Then I would say: “Say DICK.”. Then: Say “BANGING THE PUSSY.”. Then say: “I LIKE BANGING YOUR PUSSY WITH MY BIG FUCKING DICK”.
“OK, enough. Now, fuck me hard and repeat.”
But I didn’t.

Note: We did role playing before and I dressed up in a million naughty outfits and he would get all horny, but never he said: “Oh, teacher, if I fuck you hard will you give me a good grade?” Or, “Oh nurse blow my monster and my flu will go away!”.

After one of us cummed (guess who?), I asked him: Boo, doesn’t it turn you on at all to call me ‘slut’ or ‘bad girl’ or say ‘fucking pussy’ when we have sex?
Him: “No. babe, You are my lady, my princess, my everything, I can’t call you any of these belittling names. I don’t like my penis to be called ‘a naughty fucker’ either “.

I felt dirty all of a sudden. One interesting thing about sex is that during the sexual arousal we have these crazy sexual fantasies when we are in a gang bang. Or the delivery guy breaks into the door and invades us with great…deliveries. Or we have to pay the seller with oral sex for a declined credit card. And these scenarios bring us to intense orgasms. But after the big “ooohh” is over, our mind switches back to the conservative mode: “Me and two other guys?! Eeeewwwww….”
And when my boyfriend told me he is not comfy with dirty talking… I felt indeed dirty.

Someone said: “Well behaved women rarely make history”
Now, these remembered women… were they misbehaving in public or in private? I bet you the queens were not sitting in their throne ordering their servant: “give me some fucking sugar'” for the tea was bitter. Most likely they were saving that phase for fueling the fire while being naughty, dirty princesses in bed with their secret lovers.

The things that are taboo are the ones we desire the most. And I’d love to be talked dirty in bed.. No boundaries, no pretending, no abstinence. Just me and him, our naked bodies. And dirty talking!
He doesn’t fancy that too much. I’m his princess. And princesses don’t cuss.

A few weeks go, I went dancing Salsa, and I met this cute Domenican Republican. During a body-to-body Bachata (the most sensual latino dance I’ve ever seen) this hot latino whispered in my ear: Le deseo, terrón de azúcar (I want you, sugar cube). My both brain hemispheres screamed in unison: “Evacuate the dance floor, I’m about to reach an orgasm!”.

The fact that this caliente latino broke all the boundaries and talked sexy to me in a public space was the same as dirty talking in bed. Plus, everything that comes in an exotic, foreign package is very appealing. Also, I find it hard to talk dirty in my native language (which isn’t English), and hearing it in a different one is definitely an aphrodisiac.

That night, Cinderella got home early, sneaked into bed where her “naughty fucker” was sleeping. I spooned with him and whispered: “Le deseo, terrón de azúcar “.
He mumbled sleepy: “Are you ok? “
I sighted “Yes”, kissed him on the shoulder and said: ” Good night, boo.”.


(I didn’t make up this title;
the birth control in me did)

I used to think I was supposed to be born a guy- a typical guy who sees a cactus and thinks ‘sex’. I used to think about sex all the time.

Now, when do I think about sex? When I’m picking the largest banana in the grocery store? When I check out the guy next door who’s jogging shirtless? When I’m coming home and slowly insert the key in the lock? Not at all.

I tend to think about sex when I’m naked in front of my lingerie drawer and select thru my tiny g strings… Oh, yeah… I’m imagining the look on his face when my silky thong slides down and his emotions grow. It makes me feel sexy and desired.
But wait! When was the last time I put on a sexy underwear? Certainly not today, unless the full-cover-ass panties I’m having on, count as appealing in some cultures. The fact is: I’m wearing this cheap panties and didn’t feel sexy in a long time.
Since when? Since the birth control, ladies!

‘I’m ready, babes!’ (precision: not for sex!). It’s Friday night and we’re going to the movies.
In the car I feel his perfume. It’s my favorite, masculine, sensual perfume.
I say: ‘Boo, that scent distracts me from driving haha’
‘It does? Mmm, maybe we should pull over?’
He has a boner. He is excited.
Statistically speaking, within 5 minutes the car would be crookedly parked in somebody’s private driveway and the windshields would get sweaty. I would praise the Mitsubisi creators for designing adjustable passengers’ seats… so comfy for sex in a tight position… me on top of him, and him… with no way to run hehehe… But, nope! 20 minutes down the road and the speedometer still shows 65 mph. And as we roll down the highway we talk about ways to decrease the interest rate on our credit cards- a discussion we are having much often than sex. And we say we don’t care about money! We used to have sex in the car after pulling into a drive-tru ATM machine and try to withdraw $20. The request would get denied. Buzz!- ‘Insufficient funds’. Nobody cared, because we definitely has sufficient libidos! We were broke and yet we had sex in the car without thinking about it! Where did my sexual drive go? I wish I could blame the bank for this insufficiency as well… but I can’t.

Then what’s to blame? The birth control, ladies!

I called my best friend the other day to discuss this private dilemma. You know, we aways call our best friends when our sexual life hits an orgasm or a bump.
Apparently in her County sex hasn’t visited for a long time, too. It was the first time in years when we didn’t talk about positions and experiments. It’s so long since I’ve had sex, I’ve forgotten who ties up whom! Do I think I’m still a good lover? Sure, I practice a lot on my own! Sad.
Our lack of desire to have sex with our significant others has kicked in the same time as… the damned birth control!

She joked: ‘How is the birth control preventing from pregnancy really haha, if by taking it I don’t even want to have sex?’. We both laughed. It was funny! For us, yeah, because we hit a moment when we don’t want sex. But our partners still do. You know why? Because every morning at 8am they don’t take the same thing we do…
That birth control, ladies!

P.S. I gotta go. Must call my gynecologist, see what’s up. ‘Hey mister, you’ve got explanations to do for prescribing me this birth control without informing me about the “libido” side-effect. This is grounds for a lawsuit, you know that?’
He he (evil laughter), can’t wait to make this call. I already feel so much better… WHO NEEDS SEX?

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